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Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that. 

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First post on tumblr = Jack frost. me = happy bunny

    Pain is part of being human. Anyone who really wanted to get rid of suffering would have to get rid of love before anything else, because love always demands an element of self-sacrifice. When we know that this way of love - this going-out-of-oneself - is the true way by which man becomes human, then we also understand that suffering is the process through which we mature. Anyone who has inwardly accepted suffering becomes more mature and more understanding of others, becomes more human. Anyone who has consistently avoided suffering does not understand other people; he becomes hard and selfish. If we say that suffering is the inner side of love, we then also understand why it is so important to learn how to suffer - and why, conversely, the avoidance of suffering renders someone unfit to cope with life.
— Pope Benedict XVI (via nikosnature)


our equivalent exchange


Annabeth and I stayed shoulder to shoulder, facing opposite directions.


Something I’ve wanted to draw for a long while now! I know Nico has this reputation as this big brooding baby and I see him drawn with such closed body language all the time (hands in pockets, arms crossed) but I also love that he canonically speaks with his hands? I mean. Guys, he’s Italian. In his introduction we see him and Bianca making very loud hand gestures and I don’t think that kind of body language just goes away just because he’s sad all the time now - I still think he should have very expressive hands uwu